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Crocheting, knitting, embroideryThis female magazine on knitting and an embroidery - for those who is able or wishes to learn to knit, embroider, and in general to do something useful by the hands.

Here you can always find materials on knitting and an embroidery for beginning needlewomen and skilled skilled workers, model of fashionable man's, female and children's clothes with schemes of knitting, descriptions and patterns, to share the secrets, to receive answers to questions interesting you, to find the unique style. I shall be grateful for any offers, advice and even criticism. You can send the models, schemes, patterns and descriptions to them to the address of: To ask a question it is possible at a forum on knitting and an embroidery. By the way, in connection with its crossing from People, please, be registered on a new place if you already participated in work of our forum. Let's do magazine together!

I wish all of good luck and creative successes.

Yours Alenka.

Knitting, crocheting and embroidery

Fashion 2008Last years knitting all over the world has found a wide circulation, became fashionable. Knitting by a hook and spokes can be ranked as the most ancient kinds of needlework.

Knitting has ceased to be cleanly practical craft: stockings, caps, jackets, and grew in the present art. Today it is one of favourite kinds of needlework: knitting by spokes, on a plug, a hook, the Tunisian knitting by a long hook. Knitting does not require advertising.

Manual knitting long since was present at clothes and in a fashion. The most dear things - that are connected manually. Knitting is "therapy of spokes": perfectly calms nerves, " cures anger and fills up time ".

If you wish to learn to knit fashionable clothes - a sweater, a jumper, pullovers, waistcoats and skirts, dresses and a coat, bathing suits, tops and shorts, openwork shawles, bags and slippers - visit sections Crocheting and Knitting.

That you had not to carry the most usual pullover from a counter of shop that you could flash the unique style, knit the model which has attracted to you for knitting. Manual knitting on the beauty and originality at all does not concede to machine jersey.

Fashion 2008 The embroidery indoubtedly is one of the most mass and most favourite kinds of national creativity. Having arisen in an extreme antiquity, art of a decorative embroidery during many centuries is kept in furniture of dwelling, clothes and various subjects of use. Us the fine works of art stored many museums of the world where originality and skill, skilful selection of materials on color and the invoice were showed, admire man-made grace and originality of patterns and paints, a variety technics of embroidery. The section School of an embroidery is devoted to bases of an embroidery for beginners, and the Embroidery a cross and Satin stitch embroidery you will find descriptions in sections and schemes of an embroidery.

Knitting and crocheting, embroidery a cross and a smooth surface the hands is the sea of pleasure and practical advantage!

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